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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 28 October 2015 - Indonesians take fight against haze into their own hands

"Indonesians take fight against haze into their own hands - AFP/Jakarta Time (JT) 28 October 2015

PALANGKARAYA, Indonesia: Desperate civilians at the epicentre of Indonesia's haze crisis are taking the fight into their own hands, using whatever meagre resources they have to confront the fires ravaging their communities as they tire of waiting for the government to take action.

Wearing an oversized T-shirt and ill-fitting rubber boots, 13-year-old Yosua Oktavianus assisted his father douse a fire burning outside their hometown in Borneo as acrid smoke belched from the scorched earth.

"I just want to help my dad," he told AFP near Palangkaraya, a city of 240,000 where respiratory illnesses have soared as the smog has worsened in recent weeks.

Communities worst exposed to the toxic smog are becoming increasingly frustrated at authorities in Jakarta, insisting not enough is being done to aid their plight. The government has launched water-bombing raids dumping water over blazes on Borneo and neighbouring Sumatra but has failed so far to bring thousands of fires under control.

After watching children and the elderly in his hometown fall sick under the pall of haze -- just some of the estimated half a million people who have suffered respiratory illnesses since the fires started in July - 20-year-old Fery Auyadi decided enough was enough.

Banding together with his friends, the college students pooled their resources and collected donations for supplies before heading to the fire front.

"My friends and I were fed up of waiting for the government to act," he told AFP, dripping in sweat and mud as he battled a blaze outside Palangkaraya, adding: "It is now everybody's fight.""

About TIME!!??

My radical solution to this annual shameful farce!

1. reward the 'bad behaviours' using 10% of the supposedly economic costs to S'pore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia of US$45B to pay off the 'slash & burn' farmers (if they are really just uneducated and ignorant farmers) to STOP this 'habit' or 'tradition' or 'custom'!;

2. next make a law that will put the next 'slash & burn' farmers or persons on 'death' penalty. Very much like the death sentence for drug trafficking since this haze thingy affected a lot MORE people than just the drug addicts!;

3. armed these 'self-help' activists and fund them to 'deal with the slash & burner practitioners' in whatever manner they want. Very much like what, supposedly, the CIA and KGB (ex-USSR), etc. had been doing in some countries to defend their interests. In this case, we have EVEN more legitimate reasons as we are HELPING the 'poor affected locals' to defend themselves against a small minority of the bad eggs among them!

Go Indonesians GO! Do whatever it takes to get your life and livelihood back from this nasty persisting haze!

p/s: Dear MDA, if it is inappropriate, just inform me and I will be happy to take it down. I am not promoting hatred and violence! Just some 'out-of-box' or 'there is no box to start with' solution to a billion dollar annual disaster!

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