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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 30 October 2015 - Households to receive collection cards for SG50 notes folders by Nov 9

"Households to receive collection cards for SG50 notes folders by Nov 9 - CNA 30 October 2015

SINGAPORE: Every Singaporean household will soon receive details on how to collect complimentary SG50 notes folders.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on Friday (Oct 30) announced that each household will receive a collection card via mail by Nov 9. They can present this card at any Community Centre or Community Club (CC) to collect the folders from Nov 11 to 30, between 2pm to 9.30pm.

Each household can collect two folders. Those who hold folders printed earlier with a typographical error can also exchange them at the CCs.

In early September, MAS announced it would print an additional six million folders to meet "overwhelming demand" from Singaporeans.

For those exchanging SG50 commemorative notes at banks, new notes folders will be issued from Nov 15. Banks will not stop issuing current note folders from Nov 2.

“Only Singaporeans will be allowed to obtain the folders, subject to a maximum of two folders per transaction,” said MAS.

Between Nov 2 and Nov 16, members of the public can still exchange notes for SG50 commemorative ones without the folder. The limit of five sets (each set comprising a S$50 note and five S$10 notes) per transaction still applies.

“We would like to appeal to the public to refrain from queuing repeatedly to obtain more than the stipulated two folders, in fairness to others,” said MAS.

The notes and folders are available at banks while stocks last."

Hmm. I am NOT SURE what this is all about as I DID NOT, bother to try to get this thingy when I learned that my banker could not 'reserve' a set for me. A set that MAS supposedly said EVERY Singaporean is entitled to, or provided for, and there is no need to rush! Limits are applied.

So, I am not sure WHY it cannot be reserved if it is limited to just 1 set per Singaporean and MAS has printed MORE than 1 set per the population of Singaporeans!

Is this a PRUDENT use of state fund? I am not sure. Perhaps for the FANs, it is BIG DEAL. And so be it.

For me, maybe I can still get a set when nobody is lining up to get a set at the banks!

Much ado about nothing?

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