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Friday, October 9, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 08 October 2015 - Bully and the Bullied?

"Singapore needs strong economy, military so it won't be bullied: Tommy Koh - 08 Oct 2015 CNA

"Small states cannot take their security for granted ... Historically, the world has always been a dangerous place for small countries," says the Ambassador-at-Large for Singapore's Foreign Affairs Ministry."

The REALITY is: 'The fittest survive!'

Lessons for me are:

1. being small, Singapore is destined to be a target of a bully or a group of bullies. In order NOT to be bullied, Singapore simply has to possess the capability of striking back. A quiet capability that emit such confidence and 'I will make you pay hard if you ever bullied me' quietly to would be bullies. That will be the PERFECT situation!;

2. alas, some bullies SIMPLY are BLIND to such 'quiet confidence' while some bullies SIMPLY have to TRY before they will stop bullying! In such cases, the quiet strength will emerge and give the bullies 'big black eyes' and STOP the bullies from trying again, at least for the next few years!;

3. YET despite being 'wealthy and militarily strong', the target of bullied MUST above all else STAY united and AWARE of the ever present of the bullies! When a small nation is united as ONE, it has much power. As the bullies NEVER like 'fighting an enemy that looks EXACTLY the citizens of that occupied country or territories!' It will be TOO TIRING for the occupiers to handle! So, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that if Singapore falls to the bullies, there is no guarantee Singaporeans will have any hope living in their own country!

So, by all means make the wealth to support the military spending. At the same time, hopefully we don't lose TOO MANY Singaporeans who give up on 'making ends meet in an ever increasing Cost of Living' let alone 'staying united to fight the potential bullies'!! Be aware of this!!

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