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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 09-10 October 2015 - Motorbike Ride in HCM City, SGH Hep C Saga and Inderjit Singh

1. Motorbike Ride in HCM City, Vietnam

Was out last night with Dr Ngam for dinner. Had a wonderful catch up chat after we last met almost 2 years ago! Everything are working out fine as he carves a successful new career sharing his knowledge and experiences with many Vietnamese PMETs! An asset in developing the next generation of Vietnamese PMETs to, maybe, lead MNCs local operation in the near future!

New experience of riding on his Honda motorbike from the restaurant to the hotel to beat the notorious traffic jam. Have always marvelled at how skillful the riders were in the 'capital of motorbike and riding on one is simple great! Thank you Dr Ngam. An experience to tell the kids! :-)

2. SGH Hep C Saga

Glad to learn that Minister Gan is calling for the 3rd party investigation must be TRANSPARENT, in reality and in the appearance as well. This is arguably one of the major public health mistakes, though very very rare, make in our super efficient and effective nation.

While SGH has publicly acknowledged their regrets and their medical investigation board had conducted their own review, the public MUST have faith that they had done the right things. With the MOH Investigation Board's involvement, hopefully it will validate and confirm that SGH has done all it could to identify, investigate, contain and recover from this tragic incident with some paying for their lives!

3. ex-MP Inderjit Singh's Revelation of his Journey in PAP

Mr Inderjit Singh is an ex-PAP MP. One of the few that many public believe is sincere and has the gumption to 'be the messenger of the unpleasant truth of the people' in the dominant PAP.

He shared of his reservation and frustration when his 'true sharing' were not exactly welcomed. The lights turned on when he somehow, one day, saw the signs that the power-that-be began to listen!

Well. Credit to Mr Inderjit Singh for persisting. No one will probably ever feel the pressure he has to bear swimming against the mighty tide of 'We-Know-It-All'; as PAP is known, and actually firmly believe that it is best for THEM to strategize and think for the rest of Singaporeans!

He must be an extraordinary politician too as he is the running mate of the PM poking at him every now and then. Of course, credit should go to PM Lee too for 'tolerating' him, or even, I have no such privilege to gain this insight, 'protected' him from being chopped by other in PAP!

Whatever it might have been, with the increasing number of 'highly educated' (educated does not mean graceful or thoughtful) population, PAP no longer can afford to 'We-know-it-all' and the rest of you just 'execute OUR PLAN for YOU as it is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD' approach. Even IF they DON'T want to listen to their own party's members, they will HEAR it from the PUBLIC! The voters who will decide their political fate whenever GE comes along!

We will probably miss Mr Inderjit Singh's voices in the Parliament. At the same time, hopefully newer voices will be heard while Mr Inderjit Singh continues to provide the 'truth' outside Parliament. After all, PUBLIC services CAN BE DONE even without holding PUBLIC OFFICE or PUBLIC TITLE!

Peace to Singapore. No haze ahead!

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