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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 07 October 2015 - Tragedy, Hope and Public Health Mishandling?

1. "D'Leedon murder: Man charged for killing 5-year-old son - 07 October 2015 CNA

Belgian national Philippe Graffart, 41, was found injured outside a police station early Tuesday morning. His son Keryan was found dead at their home."

Tragedy to learn the father was charged. Hope it is a case of extreme mental situation that he, if indeed, he was the one, killed his 5-year-old son.

Hopefully too there will be no one saying foreigners are violent or whatever in the cyberspace!

2. "Indonesia accepts Singapore's offer of haze assistance package - CNA 7 October 2015

Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan says his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi indicated on Wednesday evening (Oct 7) that Jakarta will accept Singapore's offer of assets and personnel to fight forest fires."

Is this the Vivian's magic? Hope no one is attributing the acceptance of help from Singapore by the Indonesian government to Minister Vivian's foreign diplomatic skills!

Whatever it is, it is good, actually wonderful, that Indonesia has accepted Singapore's offer finally. Let's not make a fuss of this and get on to fighting the sources of the haze!

The time is NOW. The Indonesian authority see it CLEARLY now. Hopefully this will set the precedence with Asean truly functioning as ONE in fighting REGIONAL menaces without any threats to each member state's sovereign!

3. "Doctors in shock over news of hepatitis C cluster at SGH - CNA 7 October 2015

TODAY reports: Human error may be the "logical reason" for the cluster of infections, according to those in the medical fraternity."


"Not yet conclusive that multi-dosing is cause of Hepatitis C cluster: MOH - CNA 7 October 2015

An infectious diseases expert says the practice of multi-dosing is less common now in Singapore. One reason for this is that drugmakers are producing smaller quantities to meet the different needs of hospitals and clinics."

This is an UNUSUAL situation for Singapore public health sector. Hopefully the ROOT causes can be found and preventive actions implemented to stop it from recurring as it is UNACCEPTABLE that this case happened.

Let the experts investigate independently and QUICKLY. In the meantime, it is good that the cases were discovered and hopefully those affected are taken care of medically by SGH though it was sad to had lost 4 of them, hopefully not because the Hepatitis C 'implanted'!!??

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