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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 03-06 October 2015 - Catch up, Collateral Damages and TPP

3 October night out with a bunch of friends whom we had got to know for more than 30+ years! It as a blast as we had a great time behaving like school girls and boys! So excited was I that I was totally exhausted to write the Blog!

4 October headed out to Hong Kong for work and COULD NOT BELIEVE it when I COULD NOT access this blogger site!! In Hkg!! One of the most capitalist of territories on Mother Earth! Has the Mainland influence reached this SAR too? If so, it is tragic! Bar NONE!!

5 October  catch up - Sickening news to learn that 'There were collateral damages when the US drones attacked a hospital in Afghanistan! The supposed target is a hospital with Doctors-without-Borders personnel working there!' What a farce! Comical IF NOT for the many innocent dead!! What did the White House said: 'We will SERIOUSLY investigate what happened!' LOL! What the heck!! Intelligence compromised? sabotaged? incompetence? STUPID!!

6 October - TPP successfully concluded(?)

So, the 12 Pacific countries finally got the TPP deal 'done'! After, depending who you are talking to, 5 or 7 or 8 years after the idea was supposedly floated!

China, the 2nd biggest economy is NOT in it, though its official line is: 'We welcome any organization that maintain the rules of trade equitably (or something of that effect)'! The US congress and senate members have a lot of doubters and 'resistant'.

Singapore has been one of the prime movers to push for TPP though I still could not FULLY understand what exactly can us benefit from this pact given that we are already a member of APEC, WTO, etc. multi-lateral trade and commerce promoting organizations.

Maybe I need to read a bit more and do a bit more research. Until I have done that, my current view is that these multi-lateral organizations are created to give jobs to some retired old politicians or friends of powerful people to 'enjoy' the benefits of endless meetings at some of the most expensive and exclusion resorts and/or hotels, etc. with fine dining and wines and what not! Not forgetting the ex-IMF Chief's habit or hobbies of having 'open orgies', which he said is a private matter and should not be mixed with his 'official role and duties'.

Well, hope the world will stay sane as we continue our journey of life in October! Peace to world in EVERY SENSE!! We need it!!

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