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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 23 September 2015 - Unethical Behaviors are everywhere!

1. "Business News | Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:17am EDT - Volkswagen board to decide CEO's fate amid diesel scandal"

Well well well. Who could have expected that a world renown German company would had resorted to such unethical means to push their products!

It is reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Volkswagen to move "as quickly as possible" to restore confidence in a company held up for generations as a paragon of German engineering prowess. Indeed, 'generations of stellar reputation' ruined in one stroke!

It will be interesting to find out: a. if anyone get paid some handsome bonuses for 'hiding' that 'failed emission test data' and creating the 'cheat the testing system application'?; b. if the Leadership had also benefited from this blatant 'cheating' action?; and c. did those who had committed this act claimed at that time that: 'this was done for the good of the Company! This was done so that we can sell our excellently engineering products except for that lousy useless brainless IMPOSSIBLE standard expected!'? If they did, it surely shows: rational justification of an unethical act SIMPLY cannot stand the test of time!! Period!!

2.. "SMRT to be fined a record S$5.4m for July 7 MRT breakdown - CAN 23 Sept 2015

SMRT’s maintenance lapses resulted in a system-wide disruption on the NSEWL for more than two hours during the evening peak period, greatly inconveniencing 413,000 commuters, says the Land Transport Authority."

SMRT is made to pay for that very inconvenient outage on 7 July 2015. An event so grave that some political watchers and pundits for the GE2015 even predicted it will refocus the voters' minds on: 'alamak! We are still have MRT train problem even though the Group CEO of SMRT Corp just proclaimed that they had done a GREAT JOB of keeping breakdowns DOWN!'; and make the voters vote for the opposition parties! Alas, it was never close! PAP won and back at its pre-GE2011 level though the press are making it out to be a 'landslide win by PAP'!

Anyway, SMRT will pay the fine of S$5.4m to the government, or LTA. The next question that become: how will the fine be used? Some commuters actually suggested that LTA or the government GIVES the money to the commuters and many will benefit! Some of them may be shareholders of SMRT Corp and can get back some money to offset their loss in the lower share price of SMRT Corp. Actually, SMRT Corp's share is not doing too badly in the market!! Hmm.

For SMRT Corp and the commuters sake, may we NOT have such breakdown as getting the 'fine money' is the least of the demands of the commuters. Commuters just want a smooth, safe and on-time train system to serve them, at a reasonable price. No more. No less. CAN?

As for the Board of SMRT Corp, will you be taking this 'fine' into account when 'evaluating' the PERFORMANCE of the Leaders of SMRT Corp, including yourself?

Time to look out for who will be the next Minister of Transportation next week when PM Lee announces his NEW Cabinet? My bet is on Mr Ng Chee Meng, the ex-Chief of Defence. Being a military type, perhaps he can at least talk to the SMRT Corp Group CEO in the same language - You follow my commands OK! LOL!!

Happy Hari Raya Haji Holiday to our Muslim citizens and all who reside on our Little Red Dot.

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