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Friday, September 25, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 24 September 2015 - VW CEO OUT! Another mass death at the Haj & Haze!

1. "Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn Resigns Over Emissions Scandal - WSJ 24 September 2015

Leader of company says he accepted responsibility for the irregularities found.

He became CEO of the company in 2007 and oversaw a period of unparalleled expansion. He aimed to make Volkswagen the biggest, most profitable and best-run car company in the world. It could overtake current market leader Toyota Motor Corp. TM -0.06 % in annual sales. In the first half of this year, Volkswagen sold more cars than its rival. But profits are falling as higher costs hit margins, and sales in markets such as China and the U.S. decline. Now, he said, it is time to step down. “Volkswagen needs a fresh start,” he said."

Well, at least he is taking RESPONSIBILITIES for knocking one of the MOST important company in Germany where every 7th job is linked to the auto industry!

YET, I wonder HOW MUCH he knows or as the Board claimed that HE DOES NOT know. And that he was let down by his underlings! We will see!

2. "Stampede kills more than 700 as tragedy strikes haj again - CNA 24 Sept 2015

A huge stampede killed at least 453 people and injured hundreds more at the annual haj in Saudi Arabia on Thursday (Sep 24), in the pilgrimage's worst tragedy in a quarter century."

It is disheartening to learn of these deaths as they were paying their respect and devoting themselves to honour their religious rituals.

When I watched the TV reporting and the replays of the many other mass death incidents in the past few decades during Haj, I am astounded by the MASSIVENESS of the Haj and the type of challenges the Saudi authorities MUST be facing. When tens of thousands, even up to million as so claimed on THAT holiest of day to perform THAT PARTICULAR Ritual, incidents of such nature been kept to such a low occurrence revealed HOW MUCH WORK had been put into ensuring the safety of the pilgrims!

It is scary as the SEA of people flows along like a giant tide swiping ups and downs a river made as broad as possible to keep up with the increase of the tide! Alas, one false move any one person in that flow CAN create a ripple that get spread and magnified its effect 10 or 100 or 1000 persons later!

I won't put my life at risk BUT yet for most pilgrims, this will be the LAST THING on their minds. Again, a POWERFUL example of how a religion can help a human being overcome the fear of death while paying respects and honours to the religion!

3. "Schools to close on Friday due to worsening haze situation: MOE - 24 Sept 2015

As the haze situation in Singapore worsens, schools in Singapore will be closed on Friday (Sep 25), says the Ministry of Education."

ANOTHER well well well, it FINALLY happened! Schools WILL BE CLOSED tomorrow 25 Sept 2015! The school kids must be pretty happy not to have to brave the hazardous HAZE to get to schools! The SAME cannot be said for the many Economic Workers, especially those working outdoors and in the open, who will NOT get a break from the hazardous haze condition!

Such is life. Unfair but necessary! The liberals and the righteous would cry foils of the merciless capitalist system we operate in. CAN WE be more generous and caring to declare a DAY OF REST for these workers? MAYBE if we are BOLD. WHY NOT? When they fall sick after working in such conditions, the Companies will probably lose more? Unless those companies are facing huge 'liquidated damages' or 'penalties' if they could not complete their project on time!

A very delicate balance that each Company has to judge and decide. It probably is NOT for the government to declare a DAY OF REST YET since folks in the 'source of hell' in Indonesia apparently are STILL GOING ABOUT BUSINESS AS USUAL in PSI reading of more than 1000 vs. our 317!!

I JUST WISH and HOPE that 2015 will be the LAST YEAR we see HAZE in S'pore! Yes? 

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