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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 22 September 2015 - Haze in Kalimatan? Bully and Bullied!

1. "Protesters in Kalimantan decry Indonesian inaction against forest fires, haze - CNA 22 Sep 2015

Protests are taking place in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, as residents and activists rally against the Indonesian government's inaction in tackling the ongoing regional forest fires."

Finally someone decided to report that the PEOPLE of Indonesia are ALSO victims of this mindless, irresponsible and destructive act of 'slash and burn' method of 'preparing the land for the next planting season'! For a while, most citizens of the affected Asean countries thought the people of Indonesia were somehow immune to this crippling man-made disaster!

Actually the NGOs and the people have spoken many times in the past few years as they are at GROUND ZERO so surely their lives must have been affected badly if folks thousands of miles away from GROUND ZERO find the haze UNBEARABLE and many falling ill due to inhalation of the small particles and toxic materials!

This DEEPENED the mystery as to WHY CAN'T this menace be MANAGED at all? Why is it recurring YEAR after YEAR?!!??

It is SIMPLE illogical for a very small number of people affecting the life of millions, 500 millions if we add all the Indonesians, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, the 3 most affected neighbours of Indonesia!

Hoping against HOPE, I hope that this ANNUAL haze menace WILL BE STOPPED this year! NO MORE next year seriously. Can?

2. "Shuqun Secondary students file police reports against school bully - CNA 22 Sep 2015

In a video, the two boys were seen being hit repeatedly on the head by a schoolmate even though a teacher was present in class."

A few years back we have the 'bullying employer humiliating and physical and mentally harming a young adult employee in an IT firm'. That caused a storm of discussion. Then it died down. Naturally!

NOW this 'school bully' video that went viral. SAME issues are raised again! e.g. why the bully bullied the bullied? why the bullied did not resist? what can be done to stop and prevent such bulling from happening? Since it is in school, what are the school, it principal, teachers (full time, adjunct, part-time and what-have-you) and the parents' responsibilities in this bad case?, etc.

Lessons for me are:

1. from the word: "GO", every student, teacher, staff and parents MUST BE IMPRESSED with the idea that: 'BULLY' will get thrown out of the school unless valid causes can be revealed and remedial actions, including psychological counselling AND treatment, if needed, will be provided to help the 'beyond himself/herself bully'. And the 'actual implementation of such policies are ABSOLUTELY ZERO-Tolerance'. Period! This will be THE start!;

2. given the macro condition of item 1 above, 'bullied' WILL be courageous to report as he/she knows such reporting WILL BE taken seriously and actions will be taken IMMEDIATELY. Employment of the '3-Strike and you are out' rule of thump is totally understandable. This is especially if the procedures of counselling and psychological help to mend the bully's ways are unsuccessful for whatever DOCUMENTED reasons are made known to the 3-party (parents of the bully, the bully and the school/professional helps) involved;

3. the fact that the 'adjunct teacher' was supposedly in the class when the bullying was videod revealed a VERY SAD situation, regardless of if the 'adjunct' teacher was properly trained or not, as ANY grown adult, unless the 'adjunct teacher' is not more than 18 years old, WOULD HAVE KNOWN that 'bullying' is an UNACCEPTABLE behaviours! Period!!

The immediate action to take is to STOP the bullying immediately! Then the authority can launch into the investigation mode via hard or soft approach that work!

If this 'adjunct teacher' is an exception, like that 'employee who were bullied' a few years back, it is NOT a problem. BUT if most young adult acts in this 'pretend that I did not see the bullying' manner, Singapore has a BIG BIG PROBLEM.

A world class educational system CANNOT even produce an adult, young or older ones, from telling 'bullying is wrong' has much to soul-search on!! 

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