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Monday, September 21, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 20-21 September 2015 - Crazy or Stupid? Proper Recognition at Last!

1. "27-year-old man who walked on track during Singapore GP arrested for Rash Act - CNA 21 September 2015

The unidentified 27-year-old man, who caused the safety car to be deployed, is now assisting police with investigations."

LOL!! Is this crazy or stupid? Oh sure we also look at the comical side of his 'escapade' through a 'hole' in the erected iron fence cage?

Seriously, this guy was reported to be an English or UK subject who just wanted to take a photo closer to the action without getting killed or becoming a bloody murderer of causing death to the million-dollared F1 races in their 290km/hr noisy speed machine had just performed a STUPID act! An act that MUST be punished severely as it was SO STUPID that somebody may actually mimic him!! Maybe without that kind of luck he enjoyed!!

Again, seriously, this time it is REALLY seriously, the organizers MUST look into the 'quality of its iron fence cages' next year. The man in the TV footage looks pretty big, OK fat if we don't want to pussy footing around, and the hole must be pretty BIG too for him to get in and out, with a bit of difficulty one must say looking at the footage. STILL, it is UNACCEPTABLE. Precedence MUST BE set.

We simply cannot afford to have 1 mishap. Period. Not even ONE!

2. "Historical documents, Lee Kuan Yew's belongings on display at National Museum - CNA 21 September 2015

More than 100 artefacts and items, including personal belongings of Singapore's founding fathers such as the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, will go on display at the "We Built A Nation" exhibition."

Honestly, I am NOT SURE why the headline is written in this manner as Minister Lawrence Wong said it well in his speech at the opening ceremony of this 'We built the Nation' Exhibition: that it is about the founding fatherS of Singapore and not just about ex-MM/SM/PM Lee Kuan Yew!

Lessons for me are:

1. GOOD to show that the 1st 10 years were created by a group of extraordinary first generation Singaporeans, who were multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious; and if I may add, multi-talented. That ex-MM/SM/PM Lee is one of them, no doubt a SIGNIFICANT part of the team;

2. It was great to see some of the ex-leaders' kids getting some face time, not that all are suited for public speaking, and a mention about their illustrious fathers who built Singapore in the 1st 10 years of its existence. A turbulent time with great instability and violence where Cabinet Ministers were supposedly issued pistol to protect themselves, just in case! Names like Goh Kheng Swee, EW Barker, etc. were mentioned. Good recognition as it should be!;

3. as for the VALUES these forefathers harboured and personified, much can be done to transplant them into the future generation of Singaporeans. Integrity, incorruptibility, courage, resilience, steadfastness, etc are universal values that will always keep anyone in good stead IF he or she personified them! Other values for me are: lifelong learning, tolerance for diversity without animosity, responsible caring and being cared for, shames and honours.

Remember the history then move forward without too much baggage!

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