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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Daily Lessons from LIfe 19 September 2015 - WIthin Our Control and Without!

1. "Succession planning will be pushed for 'deliberately, aggressively': PM Lee - CNA 19 September 2015

It is important in ensuring a system where leaders are well prepared, and a seamless transition in Government, says PM Lee Hsien Loong.

He added that the Opposition's approach was "dangerous" and "goes against human nature".
"They said "Government is doing good, vote for us, the Government will work even harder'.
That is a very dangerous approach and it goes against human nature. If you have a friend and he is nice to you, you are nice to him or her.""

It is great to see that the PM Lee is actively planning succession to his leadership. While it is AGAINST human nature too, great leaders KNOW it must be done! Definitely credit had to be given to late ex-MM/SM/PM Lee Kuan Yew for passing the baton to ESM Goh as PM in his time. And then from ESM Goh to the current PM Lee. This is indeed UNIQUE in many of Asian nascent democracies. NO MEAN FEAT!

At the same time, to say that the opposition parties' stand of: 'elect more of us so that we can help you, the voters, to make the government work harder' is against human nature is not totally correct. It is undeniable that the government HAD changed pace, if not changed course, on some of the ultra hot buttons of GE2011 where it lost for the 1st time a 5-member GRC like: slowing down the influx of foreign labours - white- and blue-, even some gold-collared ones, care for the elderly (PG Package), MedishieldLife to provide health insurance to all regardless of age and pre-existing conditions, frantic building and tweaking of eligibility of HDB flats (which I hope will NOT result in BIG deficits that will require HDB to hike the prices for new HDB flats SOON?!), Bus Enhanced Program where the state steps in with billion to take care of the capital outlay of a few hundred buses, etc. etc.

Surely any reasonable person will have to give the opposition parties' win some credit.

Of course, HAD the government of the day being MORE PROACTIVE and took those actions before the GE2011 loss, it would have been perfect. Alas, when you are TOO DOMINANT, it is HUMAN NATURE to be complacent and justifiably self-confident. Unfortunately, that self-confidence often becomes self-conceitedness; that if it is NOT INVENTED here by the PAP, the ideas cannot be very good!

So, while PM Lee commented about against human nature, sometime we DO NEED to deliberately REMIND ourselves to guard against HUMAN NATURE. Just as his succession planning is a deliberate efforts, so is voting some opposition MPs in the Parliament!

When that happened, Singaporeans win! It is totally within PM Lee and Singaporeans' control! Good goal to aim at.

2. "ASEAN countries should devote attention to regional cooperation, not domestic agendas: PM Lee - CNA 19 September 2015

Mr Lee was speaking at the Singapore Summit, several months before the setting up of the ASEAN Economic Community.

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that ASEAN countries need to focus on regional cooperation and away from domestic agendas as the region gears up to set up the ASEAN Economic Community by the end of 2015."

Asean! Oh, Asean! Just look at the annual unwelcome HAZE season. It is UPON US even as PM Lee spoke about the need to go beyond domestic agendas to 'regional ones'! Alas, perhaps the timing can be better. Still, I must give him credit for raising it knowing that there is a big wave of scepticism about the feasibility of this noble push for other Asean leaders to think 'big'!!

It is a CHALLENGE that many Asean leaders have NOT MUCH CONTROL over since many of them hold on tediously to their position of power. Each has their own DOMESTIC challenges that are too BIG for them to handle let alone the 'regional' visions!

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