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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 18 September 2015 - Not so good news after GE2015?

1. "SBF calls on Government to help local businesses amid economic slowdown - CNA 18 September 2015

The Singapore Business Federation says a survey it recently conducted shows sentiment among small- and medium-sized enterprises has fallen to its weakest level in three years."


2. "HDB records more than S$2b deficit in FY2014/2015 - CNA 18 September 2015

The bulk of the deficit comes from HDB's home ownership segment which covers the development and sale of flats."

Hmm. The above 2 pieces of news are not exactly good news right after the 'victorious' GE2015 by the ruling party, PAP.

It is definitely worthwhile to understand a bit more about these 2 'not so good' news.

a. what does the SMEs expect the government to do for them? To release the pressure of labour costs by allowing 'cheap' foreign labours AGAIN? This will be fun since this CALL comes from the SMEs directly and the government SHOULD obliged right? Or should the government just DO THE RIGHT THING and FORCED the SMEs to improve Productivity and wane themselves off the 'cheap foreign labour' addiction?

OR the government will need to be more TARGETED in the granting of 'pressure reliefs' by SPECIFIC industry among the SMEs with STRICT limitation and terms and conditions imposed?

b. Is the HDB's S$2B deficit due to HDB selling its flat at 'subsidised' rate? If so, we need to understand HOW are the costs of a HDB flat built-up? Is it due to 'land cost' being valued at too high a price? Whatever the reasons, the people need to know the TRUTH so that they can be VERY GRATEFUL to the government for taking the S$2B hit by HDB for the HDB buyers!

If this deficit continued, how long can HDB do this and 'distort' the MARKET PRICE of HDB flats? If this 'subsidies' are taken away CAN Singaporean couples wanting to get married and start a 3-kid family BE able to AFFORD a HDB flat? IF NOT, does it mean that Singaporeans are really working for a fairly LOW PAY??

This is a VERY CONFUSING situation for me to comprehend! Have we being living on the HDB's charity without even knowing it and be grateful for it? If so, is this HDB market healthy?

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