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Friday, September 18, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 17 September 2015 - Dr Tommy Koh's 10 Reflections on GE2015

Alamak! I am astounded that most of the thoughts that Dr Koh had expounded, I have also expounded right after GE2015 Polling Day results announcement! Hmm. Looks like I have arrived! LOL!!

Oops. Sorry. One should NEVER get carried away just because someone eminent shared similar ideas. I am quite sure SOME of the uncles and aunties in the coffeeshops in the so-called heartland public housing estates have similar thoughts too about why PAP managed to claw back the almost 10% lost in GE2011. I think most like to think that: 'Aah! We have power! They finally LISTENED to us!! (Actually with the opposition win in GE2011, but alas, let's not bring this up lah!)'; LOL!!

For me, the most important thing to do is to MOVE FORWARD on how we can improve on some of the dangling issues raised in the GE2015. I will not expound on them here again!

So, switch topic to - the 'Red-Shirt' Rally in Malaysia

For whatever reason, some of the supporters flown the banner: 'We are with you, Sir!'. The 'Sir' referred to has MANY mysteries his explanation of them defied logic and common sense to many ordinary people on the streets, at homes and some very intelligent and smart people as well.

a. Would anyone just donate billions to you without any expectations?;

b. How can one simply just disband a national anti-corruption commission unilaterally?;

c. Why are people who are investigating the 1MDB and other 'controversial' cases related to this 'Sir' dropped dead like fries or become part of a concrete pillar of a building or bridge or whatever structure?

Just to name a few.

It is totally unbelievable that such murderous acts are happening. That we are NOT watching a make-believed horror movie, a badly produced one too if it had been a horror movie, with totally unconvincing plots and terrible ACTING by mediocre actors and actresses!

That is happened next door makes us extra cautious with our system. While there is no suggestion of our system ever going that way, let it be known that however trivial, however innocent when the slightly sign of any devious behaviours show themselves, they have to be PUT DOWN decisively and in the MOST OPEN MANNER!

It is a disease that can, and WILL, cripple a nation, its people. A disease that will leave so much shame that its citizens will not be able to look others in the eyes. Of course, those who are in cohort with such a 'Sir' can. Yet, retribution awaits them. It is not a question of 'if' but 'when' retribution will seek them out.

Peace to the world. May corruption and corrupt behaviours NEVER be allowed to take root in our Little Red Dot! Amen. Allah is Great. Buddha has mercy. And all dieties of ALL religions bless this nation!

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