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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 16 September 2015 - NCMPs from GE2015

"GE2015: WP's Lee Li Lian, Dennis Tan and Leon Perera elected as NCMPs, says ELD - CNA 16 September 2015

However the Workers' Party says Lee Li Lian has decided not to accept the NCMP post and Daniel Goh will take her place should Parliament resolve to fill the vacated seat."
This is a good development, especially when the last NCMP, Gerald Giam, decided NOT be one again as he is in the East Coast GRC WP team!
It is great to learn that he and WP understand the needs to put MORE WP members into the public eyes. While NCMP was never really any politician's aspiration, not taking the opportunity as offered by the Election Laws will be foolish, and can even be perceived as sheer blind arrogance!
Like I said GE2015 is STILL a 'work-in-progress' for the future political development of Singapore into one with a bit MORE opposition MPs doing the check-and-balance function mainly while contributing to robust, intelligent and rational problems identification and solutions debates at the national level!
All the best to Singapore's political development!

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