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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 15 September 2015 - Democracy is Insanity?

Singapore just had its GE2015 with the ruling party, PAP, being returned to government despite all the 89 parliamentary seats were contested for the 1st time since 1965! More than 2 million voters voted! Countless amount of time, energy, and money were invested.

The next thing we know is that Australia is having the 3rd change of its Premier in last 4 years, or was it 3 only!

How insane can it be? The government remains the same but the Premier, who is supposedly the ultimate leader that chart the strategic direction of a nation, get changed EVER SO OFTEN! Is this what democracy is about? After million of voters voted to put the Leader of the particular political party into office, is that the intention of the voters that a SMALL number of politicians in the ruling party go about CHANGING the leader like changing underwear? LOL!!

Well, such is the madness of a Westminster democratic system. Luckily for Singapore, respect for carefully selected and endorsed leader of the ruling political party is strong and the politicians do not engaged in such whimsical behaviours. The VOTERS deserve that respect too!

Oh, the new Australian Premier is called: Turn Bull. Looking up and turning bullish the Aussies' wellbeing? ;-)


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