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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 14 September 2015 - Haze, EU Immigration Reality and CHC Trial

Let's get back to REALITY after the surreal GE2015 episode!

1. Haze

The haze is BACK! With a vengeance too this time round. Promising to be the WORST EVER since it started its innocent ANNUAL irritation of Asean cities and causing supposedly billion of lost tourists' money in S'pore, Malaysia, Thailand not mentioning Indonesia herself!

I doubt Minister Vivian's vaunted 'negotiating and/or liaison skills', as highlighted by PM Lee in his 2015 NDR Speech could have helped Indonesia to SERIOUSLY DEAL with IT!

So, for now, I just have to enjoy the 'satirical song' that went viral: 'Haze!'!!

2. EU Immigration Reality

Germany has made a very valiant effort to take in the refugees from the Middle East conflict in recent months. Some said partly to atone for the 'wrongs' its past government, which seriously NO ONE should still be holding the PRESENT DAY German responsible, aggression against the Jews and causing millions to be displaced during WWII! Alas, REALITY hit. How CAN Germany take in SO MANY DESPERATE people who have a very different religion from the German? It is important as RELIGION is a VERY POWERFUL force that arouse EMOTION and denied logical thinking when dealing with unfortunate 'earthly' things!

Can Germany truly support it economically? Some said it will gain MUCH NEEDED low wage foreign workers doing works DESPISED or AVOIDED by the German. Well, it will be sad IF the famed powerful Germany economy is funded by 'low tech and cheap labour intensive' industries! Which I DOUBT very much!

So, if there is NO DESIRE to rely on cheap foreign labour but still have to FOOT the bills for feeding and caring for the tens of thousands of refugees who WILL, or MAY, NOT change its world's outlook and way of life due to deep seeded RELIGIOUS BELIEF, WHY SHOULD Germany be made to accept SO MANY of them!


3. CHC Trial

This annoying, long winded, never-ending trial MUST come to an end SOON! Everything it is mentioned in the press, I could not HELP but to think about the amount of money the AGC, the public prosecutors, HAD INCURRED to bring charges against the defendants! Hopefully IT WILL END soon and we can sleep well knowing that ANYONE who hide behind NGOs and, especially RELIGIOUS causes, to enrich themselves illegally MUST BE PUNISHED justly after a fair and open trial!

Maybe after GE2015, the government can afford to ruffle some 'members of CHC' now??

May the good triumph over the evil hiding behind the guise of religions! Amen! Allah is Great! Amitaba!

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