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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 12-13 September 2015 - The 2 Days after GE2015

As I read the many comments from established political analyst and pundits on the mainstream newspapers and websites, it was pleasing to learn that many were the same as those I wrote on Polling night or more correctly on 12 September 2015 early morning.

There are also some interesting comments by each political parties that perhaps deserve a parting shot from me before I get back to 'NORMAL LIFE' as quickly as possible:

1. WP's insistence that the TC's finance and governance issues did not negatively impacted it too much as the swing in Aljunied GRC was only less than 4% while that for the national average is 10%. It is a bit sad to read as it smack of the once-called or once-known 'arrogant PAP' refusing to acknowledge some of the policies, even if well thought out and, maybe debated vigorously within PAP, are good for the people despite the people's saying otherwise, that WP once reminded the voters.
While it is true the loyal Aljunied WP supporters had stuck with WP MPs despite the many attacks and obstacles thrown at the Aljunied WP MPs, surely some have been moved. It is GOOD that the WP MPs managed to retain their parliamentary seats as THERE are STILL many contributions they can make to 'nudge' the PAP government to continue to be responsive and try harder to explain and win the voters' trust that the policies are REALLY beneficial to Singaporeans!
Areas the WP MPs can contribute POSITIVELY are:
a. monitoring the implementation of some last minutes tweaks like: progress of skillsfuture ensuring a bigger Singaporean CORE, how can the educational system produce Local Talent that are competitive against FTs in Singapore, surplus/deficit of the MediShieldLife scheme and the payment of premium by the elderly and those who truly could not pay up, etc;
b. the long unresolved challenges of: brining gracefulness to Singapore by Singaporeans, a goal that even our most brilliant leader, ex-MM/SM/PM Lee Kuan Yew could not accomplish, the waning of the 'cheap labour - local and foreign' addiction and raise productivity of enterprises and the nation via innovation/automation/smart nation, the 'choking' public transportation system especially the MRT lines which must stop using 'it is an old system' excuse, etc;
c. pointing out REGULARLY areas where public funded organization and the civil services NOT NOT apolitical but engaging in politicking when elected MPs go about performing their duties to serve their constituents so that  we are ready to separate PAP or any other political party from government! i.e. public servants serve Singaporeans regardless of their political affiliation and affinity.
2. PAP's claims that the 'opposition tide can be rolled back and had been rolled back' and 'Singaporeans want the government to continue its many policies' MUST be put in perspective.
a. PAP ministers, e.g. Minister Shanmugam, continued 'allegation that the WP MPs' integrity are in doubt' have to stop UNLESS he is prepared to charge them in our court of laws! Go prove it if there were wrongdoing and Singaporeans deserve the truth. If not, it is time to tone down and even shut up;
b. PAP HAD changed, hopefully because they HONESTLY see that the cries for help on keeping older PMETs in employment, not due to their capability and willingness, in face of FTs challenges; the affordable cost of public housing for young couple to start their 3-kid family including the overall cost of raising a child; the adoption of a 'government funding the fixed assets of public transportation companies with the private companies running the services' model to tweak the much maligned public transportation system; etc.; are VALID cries from the public and NOT just a REACTION to what the opposition parties had raised as ISSUES to win votes!
At the end of the day, every elected government's responsibility is to create a BIGGER GOOD for the MAJORITY of Singaporeans nationally regardless of their political affiliation and affinity.
c. there is NO DOUBT Singapore has not much control over our external threats and changes in the macro environment. I don't believe the vaunted 'diplomatic skills' that PM Lee lauded about Minister Vivian in his role in the UN Green Initiative CAN stop the current, and annual recurring, haze from our neighbour, Indonesia, in the last few days!
Our BIGGEST assets are: a united Singapore with a dominant government and a DEEP national reserves built up over the 50 years that allowed us to punch above our size and weight.
So, continue to govern as the dominant party. Make effective and efficient decisions for the nation. At the same time, be responsive to the local's needs and worries. Short and long term issues are being tackled and for some of them, much work and persuasion are needed.
Majulah Singapura.  Each political party doing its bits with the voters SUPERVISING them!

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