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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Daily Lessons from LIfe 11 September 2015 - Polling Day and Results

As I typed, WP has retained Hougang SMC, lost Ponggul East SMC by less than 2% and WP just confirmed that the 5-Member Aljunied GRC won with a less than 2% margin. This brings Singapore back to the 'status quo' before the PE by-election!

Many questions were asked and some opposition bigwigs were supposedly shocked at the 'big swing' to the ruling PAP by the voters!

For me, the reasons are:

1. WP's failure to deal with the TC's issue has hurt the oppositions. Make worst by the constant negative press and repeated 'attacks' by the ruling Party and government ministers. While many obstacles were supposedly thrown in the WP's way after it won and took over the Aljunied GRC and the TC, it is stretching credibility a bit too far with using that as the excuses why its financial governance is still unresolved properly;

2. PAP did respond to the many major issues raised by the people after the GE2011 setback. Whether they did it on their own volition or pushed by the opposition parties as claimed by WP, there WERE changes to policies that meet some of the concerns. That is what counts! The government has to govern with the aim of creating a bigger good for a majority of Singaporeans;

3. the SG50 helped with goodies given away;

4. the passing of the late ex-MM/SM/PM Lee Kuan Yew earlier this year created a lot of goodwill. Though it is totally unhealthy if we keep clinging to the last 50 years since clearly the first 40 years were good but the last 10 years were not;

5. did 'reverse psychology' work? i.e. the 'fear' factor of: 'the PAP may not be the government after this GE IF voters vote overwhelmingly for the opposition parties given that ALL the 89 seats were contested?' Also, the 'fear' factor created with the 'overly successful opposition rallies were TOO BIG' for its own group as that seems to reinforce the 'freak result' school that 'maybe your vote will put the PAP out of government'!

Whatever it is, for me, life goes on. Given the democratic voting system, they government of the days WILL always have to answer to the voters come each GE. The work is never done until one leaves politics.

So, if the politicians are still keen, they can stay on to fight for another day, looking for that victory.

For the government, it simply has to continue to produce policies that are right for Singapore and convince the voters that they ARE GOOD for them too!

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