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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 10 September 2015 - Cooling Off Day

1. "Facebook post on Cooling-Off Day caused by bug: Vivian Balakrishnan - CNA 10 September 2015

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan says he has asked Facebook to investigate why a post uploaded on Sep 4 was “auto-posted” on Cooling-Off day."

Hmm. My sympathy with Minister Vivian. His GRC under a lot of scrutiny and really does not need this type of 'bug'.

2. Hazy Polling Day on 11 September 2015 Forecasted?

The yearly haze from neighbouring Indonesia is upon us again. Can Asean handle this annual hazing episode? Sadly, NO though much money had been spent on many Asean Ministerial Meeting here, there and everywhere.

Had it not been hazardous to the health of anyone who breath in this haze, we could have a good laugh at the futility's of singing 'how united and effective is Asean'!

Is there is will to end this all? Probably NOT! Would it had been too much to 'reward' the haze causing folks with MONEY that will probably be MUCH LESS than the COST to human health and loss of 'tourists money' as I had suggested once or twice in the past? Maybe the Asean members affected can consider this? On 2nd thought, it may not be a good idea. How can 'bad behaviours' be rewarded?

Maybe we should just get Asean to PRESSURE Indonesia government to 'act OR Else face expulsion from Asean' and 'Asean will declare hard-line approaches' to those haze causing 'farmers'?

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