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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 04-08 September 2015 - GE2015 Surprises Emerging?

Being travelling and on hectic schedule to Yangon, Myanmar and now in Hkg till 12/9 with no energy to keep up with the daily blogging!

Decided to break the slack and stayed up late to write this page after reading the many whatsapp and news on the 'changing momentum' of the Oppositions vs. the PAP:

1. it seems that the 'attack and fear' strategies of PAP against WP on its inability to run a Town Council (TC) and 'PAP may not be in government if you vote more opposition parties' are not working well with reported surge in number of people attending the WP and more recently, the long time 'hot headed but now reformed' Chee Soon Juan's party, rallies creating unease in the PAP!

Is East Coast GRC and Holland-Bukit Timah GRC at risk with the 2 ministers specifically mentioned by PM Lee at the National Day Rally (NDR) Speech as 'local talent that influence global leaders'?

2. While some are speculating wildly that the PAP will lose its 2/3 majority, I think the estimates are simply unrealistic. If East Coast and Holland-Bukit Timah GRCs are lost with 1-2 SMC like in Potong Parsi and elsewhere, it would indeed be a historic moment in Singapore political history. Some are saying that these wild estimates are ANOTHER tactic by an increasingly desperate PAP to deploy 'reverse psychology' to 'scare' the voters from been carried away emotionally and vote for the opposition parties.

While I believe that with a few more opposition MPs in the parliament is a natural development to help Singapore's political landscape mature, it is DEFINITELY NOT time to get a government that has less than 2/3 majority! NO ONE is prepared for it. Not least the international investors. And also the civil services and many government funded organizations that have always assumed that PAP is Government and vice verse!

3. the other interesting development to watch is how the PAP will react or respond if it lost a few more seats in GE2015? Will the many 'talents' in PAP get disillusioned and 'resigned' since the voters are 'ungrateful' and 'overly emotional' to vote more Opposition MPs in?

I shudder to contemplate a government with PAP holding less than 2/3 of parliamentary seats!!

With 1 more campaigning day to cooling day on 10/9

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