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Friday, September 4, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 03 September 2015 - GE2015 Day 2

Special Updates on MH370 - "France confirms wing part found on Reunion island is from Flight MH370

French prosecutors confirmed on Thursday that a wing part found on a remote Indian Ocean island was from ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a month after tests on the flaperon began."

WOW!! NOW WHAT? Can they conclude what exactly happened to MH370 on that night it vanished into the thin air? Can the relatives and friends of those 'missing passengers' have a proper closure? I COULD NOT WAIT to learn of the outcome, as would the rest of the world who care about this incident!

2. "WP is trying to avoid answering questions about AHPETC again: Shanmugam - CNA 03 September 2015

TODAY reports: Asked Law Minister K Shanmugam of the Workers' Party candidates who run the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council: "So, you can pretty much do anything you like as long as you don't go to jail? That is the sort of standard the party has set for candidates?""

Here we GO AGAIN!! Still flogging the very DEAD HORSE!! WHY? WHY? WHY?

If PAP had listened, the WP said: a. they were 'robbed' of the use of the Town Council Management System after they won the Aljunied GRC. A BIG loss considering they had only managed a much smaller SMC before that; b. they COULD NOT get anyone to bid or no one, for whatever reasons that are real or imaginary, did not or dare not bid when an open tender was called SUBSEQUENT to the 1st one where WP MPs in the AJTC decided to go with their original MA in Hougang SMC since the 'old' MA for the PAP-held Aljunied GRC could not wait to get out of the WP-held Aljunied GRC.

If Minister Shanmugam had listened, or anyone in the PAP had listened, he or they could have aimed the arrow at the issue of: 'granted you were in the deep end at the beginning but surely you can't blame the handover was not done properly AFTER the 2nd year! Surely, if you are competent, you would have SORTED out the issues right?

As for Mr Low's layman way of conveying the message: 'If I have done something wrong, the government that does not tolerate CORRUPTION would have charged and put me on a fair trial and throw me into prison if found guilty as charge. BUT if they have no evidence that I am guilty as charged, WHY are they still keeping talking about this issue?'

Minister Shanmugam and the PAP bigwigs SIMPLY cannot see this 'layman's logic' and KEPT hitting on 'something is terribly wrong with the management of AHPETC' and 'how can the standard of a politician be so low that as long as the MP has not gone to jail, he is ok?'

Of course the integrity of the MPs matter. In this case, the integrity was not proven to be corrupted. The competence on managing the finance and governance may need improvement. As would other organizations in government like PA and other statutory boards and Ministries.

3. Heard on the streets

A friend who went to one of the hawker centres in the East Coast GRC and was surprised that his favourite hawker is expressing his unhappiness and wanting to vote for the opposition!

Let's hope this is an exception as hawker would be a logical PAP and government supporter! No?


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