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Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 31 August 2015 - Take It Easy before Nomination Day!

1. Wow! Last day of August 2015! 2015 is now 8/12 or 2/3 GONE!! How am I doing on my 2015 Resolutions? Happy to report by and large still chugging along nicely!!

2. So, let's relax a little bit on the eve before Nomination Day on 1 September 2015! Or can we?

All the candidates from all political parties have been unveiled by tonight though for some, which electoral constituency he or she may be in is still held in suspense until tomorrow, I must say there are many candidates with good educational qualifications and will make GE2015 a good contest.

The evolving saga of the AHPETC took another twist today with announcement of a better financial position and an arbitration case with its ex-managing agent like through friendly mean add spice to the GE2015 pot!

Will the WP TC's disprove the constant bombardment by the PAP, big wigs and small party members, that their finances are in disarray and fraught with 'overpayments' and 'lost money' accusations? If so, that will put a big black eye on PAP face. Not that one should advocate violence but just a figure of speech. :-)

Interesting to read of a senior doctor from the opposition party who had to 'persuade' his elderly mother that he is doing the right thing by throwing his hat into the GE with an opposition political party instead of PAP. May he adds some good input to the parliamentary debate IF he is elected come polling day on 11 September 2015!

It is unfortunate that I will be out of town starting from 4/9 and will miss the many exciting election rally speeches by all parties. It would be credit to all IF they can bring out the 'pains points' of Singapore in the next 5-10 years for the voters to understand where each stands on what! Besides the long term issues, the voters, most of them anyway, are interested in the 'bread and butter' issue despite our 1st world and the 'wealthiest' nation tag!

Still, will we have a visionary leader or leaders who can fire up the imagination of the voters BEYOND 'bread & butter' issue? I hope so. Hope against hope is better than not hoping at all.

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