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Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 30 August 2015 - Is AHPETC again?

Just got back from Taipei and read this BIG news on The Straits Times on the plane of: MND accusing the management agent of AHPETC 'profiteering' and that the TC has 'overpaid' to 'related parties/persons', etc while the WP supposedly hits back with a 'strongly worded letter' expressing big surprise that MND is still not getting it despite its many clarification in the past!

This is getting really silly as it can't be doing the PAP any good for people who want to root for a 'bullied'. When someone feel that someone else is getting bullied, it triggers an emotional responses to want to defend and help the bullied against the bullies. When it is EMOTIONAL, rationality has no chance! So, while PAP has valid concerns to question and challenge the way the AHPETC's governance and financial management had been run, it should stick to pointing out the facts, laying out information that public cannot get access to, etc and let the PUBLIC make the decision IF the rational points raised against the WP TC are valid or not.

Attacking them WITHOUT going the EXTRA STEP of proving that there were frauds or misappropriation of TC's fund JUST DON'T CUT IT!! After all, the government has EVERY RIGHT to probe any suspected misappropriation and frauds under the laws!

It is very puzzling to me WHY PAP keeps hammering on this important issue in the WRONG way! Why is PAP hammering away at the Hammers without focusing on the rationale for their concerns and objections to how WP is running the AHPETC?

Is this going to be the BIG 'disservice' that late Mr Lee Kuan Yew had done for the GE2011 Aljunied GRC team by saying: the residents will have to repent IF they vote in the opposition?

Anyway, the voters of Aljunied GRC will have to decide after all these silliness. They DO hold the HISTORIC votes of returning the Opposition to a GRC or to usher back the defeated PAP after 1 GE!


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