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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 29 August 2015 - Bersih4, GE2015 and Bangkok Murderer

1. "Thai police arrest foreign man 'likely involved' with Bangkok bombing - CNA 29 August 2015

A suspect arrested in Thailand's capital on Saturday in connection with a bombing that killed 20 in Bangkok 12 days ago was a foreign national, a police spokesman said."

This is a big breakthrough. Hopefully he is the ONE and the Thai authorities can find out who exactly did it? why? and how? So that similarly case will not be repeated again!

2. "Thousands take to streets of Kuala Lumpur for Bersih 4.0 - CNA 29 August 2015

Tens of thousands of Malaysians took over major roads in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday (Aug 29), agitating for institutional reforms and calling for Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down."

Something need to be done to stop the nation from going to destruction. A breakthrough to stop the need to ask for donation. To stop corruption there is a need for people to show determination against it. People of all races and religious beliefs coming together is the most effective demonstration of the united people of Malaysia is taking actions to claim back their nation.

3. "We will fight to earn your trust and support: Lee Hsien Loong - CNA 29 August 2015

This SG50 election is about choosing the next Government, leadership and the country’s future direction, says Mr Lee who is the People’s Action Party's secretary general. The manifesto is 'With you, for you, for Singapore'."
"Five new faces help present WP’s election manifesto - CNA 29 August 2015
“Singapore does not need blind economic growth; we need compassionate and equitable growth,” the 47-page Workers’ Party manifesto states.
'Empower your future' is the slogan, and the manifesto called for: 'national minimum wage, more participation of women in workforce and a through train option for kids to skip PSLE, amongst others.'"
Hmm. I am not sure I am excited among the WP's manifesto. At least the 3 reported in this headline. As for the PAP, it is about 'Hey, I am really working for Singaporeans and Singapore though many of you are unconvinced!'
Significant points to note is that the Press Conference by the WP are fronted by Gerald Giam and 5 new faces. So, I guess the 'old guards' of WP are planning for their party's future. Bold action. Hopefully the younger ones are ready. It is not how much their elders trust them. It is how the voters perceive them to be worthy of taking over from their elders that matter. Let's see.
p/s: learned a bit about the 'gutter politics' by some 'social media' allegation of a WP candidate's affair with a former student. Sure, personal integrity and moral standing of a Singapore MP is very high. Yet, if allegation is made, the authorities better exhaust ALL resources in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE time to get the 'accusers' and get solid evidence to resolve the allegation. Else, just dismiss it. We WILL NOT go LOW Road!

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