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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 01 September 2015 - Comical Moments on Nomination Day?

It is Nomination Day today for GE2015! It is a watershed event as ALL 89 seats will be contested for the 1st time since 1964! Not 1 seat was left uncontested! No walkover given at all!

Some observations on the CNA TV News and Special GE2015 Programs like the 1-hour Airtime for PAP and the 5 biggest opposition parties:

1. no comic 'late' or 'incomplete' submission of nominee forms this year helped to achieve the so-called watershed 'all seats to be contested' situation!;

2. Minister Ng Eng Hen's valiant efforts to tell the folks who jeered his team while giving a speech after the nomination had been submitted that his team and PAP will STILL educate their kids and secure a good future for them; and that the more they jeered his team, the harder they will work to educated the jeerers' children and secure a better future seems so, erh, 'silly', or worse, 'fake'?

I know it is hard to keep the focus on helping those who DO NOT seem to 'appreciate and be grateful' to the help given by PAP and the government. YET, despite our proclaimed world class educational system and our proclaimed first world status, the very behaviours of the people who jeered Minister Ng and his team REVEALED that perhaps our CLAIMS were pre-mature? And that our learned Minister did not measure up to the ideal of 'to serve the public means there will be some who don't understand or simply don't appreciate whatever good intention one may have'?

Anyway, it was painful watching him 'talking' to the jeering non-fans on the TV newsreel!

3. The CNA TV News section showing the 'WP's GE2011 Manisfesto' been 'IMPLEMENTED by PAP' since GE2011 was a comical in that the PAP in power seems to be IMPLEMENTING the WP's Strategies giving the HOPE that Singapore political future is good with the ruling party working closely with the biggest opposition party!

Alas, of course, this is NO LAUGHING matter as the PAP will DEFINITELY have to make sure that WP cannot claim the credits for ALL these policies implemented by PAP since the GE2011 as WP's strategies!

For me, it just shows that 'many people may have the SAME good ideas, and HENCE, PAP does not have the divine monopolistic right to GOOD IDEAS'!!

More importantly, I believe that when Singapore get IDEAS from PAP and the Opposition Parties instead of ONE or the other, Singaporeans WIN!! The really GOOD IDEAS will be those that after shifting diverse ideas using common agreed criteria to qualify ARE the BEST IDEAS!

4. The 1-Hour CNA GE2015 Forum is useful for the PAP and the 5 biggest opposition parties to state their cases on TV to the national audience (supposedly in Mandarin too on Channel 8 while CNA hosted the English medium one)

It was cordial and respectful. It is the first time Singapore TV is doing this. It is interesting and a good platform to make an impression. Of course, voting cannot be based just on how well a party spoke-person performed on TV. That would be learning the wrong thing from the USA political stage while the candidates are almost always VERY WELL rehearsed and coached to say the right things in front of the TV audience. Singapore does not need that type of politics though the ability to 'think and speak on one's feet' is increasingly a prized skill in public figures.

Significant points to note are: the opposition parties are quite consistent in telling the PAP not to keep harping on the past but to look to the future. Indeed, while looking back to learn the key success factors to apply and lessons learned to avoid as one move forward into the future, SOME of the OLD successful factors MAY NO LONGER be relevant nor applicable.

The ruling PAP should pay heed to this and focus on 'how to build the future together - With you, for you and for Singapore'.

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