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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 25 August 2015 - Parliament dissolved; Singaporeans to vote in General Election on Sep 11

"Parliament dissolved; Singaporeans to vote in General Election on Sep 11 - CNA 25 August 2015

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans will go to the ballot box on Sep 11 to elect 89 Members of Parliament in 29 constituencies.

Polling Day was announced after President Tony Tan Keng Yam, on the advice of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, dissolved Singapore's 12th Parliament on Tuesday (Aug 25).

Acting on the Prime Minister’s advice, the President also issued a Writ of Election. The Writ specifies that Nomination Day is on Sep 1.

"I call this General Election to seek your mandate to take Singapore beyond SG50 into its next half century," wrote Prime Minister Lee on Facebook, shortly after the Writ was issued.

"You will be deciding who will govern Singapore for the next 5 years. More than that, you will be choosing the team to work with you for the next 15-20 years, and setting the direction for Singapore for the next 50 years."

Sep 11 (Friday) will be a public holiday and Sep 10 will be Cooling-off Day, the Elections Department said in a press release.

Nomination papers can be collected from the Singapore Elections Department (ELD) on Prinsep Link. Soft copies of the nomination paper can be downloaded from the ELD website.

The ELD said the deposit per candidate is S$14,500, or 8 per cent of the total allowances payable to a Member of Parliament in the preceding calendar year and rounded to the nearest $500.
Nine schools have been listed as nomination centres."

OK, The guessing is over! The cat has been let out of the bag. Or, more appropriately, the cat has been identified for sure after being expected to turn out SOON!

GE Hot Issues or Debates the GE Rallies can HELP Singapore voters to raise to the next higher level are:

1. is there a need for opposition MPs to check the ruling party on behalf of the voter;

2. is there a need to have national organizations funded by government fund to THINK AND ACT as national organizations instead of BEING a dominant party's resources! This one is the MOST troubling for me as it is unacceptable that elected MPs have to go through so-called grass-root organizations appointed by the government i.e. the dominant political party! Are we saying: 'the votes of the voters count for NOTHING?';

3. are the changes since GE2011 by the government due to their 'planned, albeit a bit slow, strategies' to address voters' DEEP CONCERNS and 'complaints' or due to the loss of the GRC and the 2 By-Election since?;

4. have the issues from GE2011 been dealt with to the satisfaction of those who VOTED AGAINST the ruling PAP then? e.g. the uncontrolled influx of foreigners and the aftermath it created? have the fear of unable to afford a HDB flat to raise a 3-kid family with stable income and balance lifestyle been tackled? how about the MRT lines breakdown saga? declining maintenance and quality of work in certain industries like construction and F&B? etc;

5. will the arguments that elected MPs are not Town Planner and Estate Managers but to represent their constituents in their daily life and helps only the MPs can help them with?;

6. any NEW hot issues and initiative to address them? e.g. rise of the 'religiously radicalism'? will we have gracefulness in our society within the next 5 years? etc.

Let the GE begins. May everyone fight passionately and fair and square!

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