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Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 26-27 August 2015 - A nation in transition needs leaders to rise to the challenge: Lim Swee Say

"A nation in transition needs leaders to rise to the challenge: Lim Swee Say - CNA 27 August 2015

SINGAPORE: The Republic is in transition – from its evolving workforce, to new economic challenges, to an ageing population – and the policies in place must evolve, Mr Lim Swee Say said on Thursday (Aug 27).

Which is why, come next month’s General Election, voters should consider the calibre of politicians they put into office – not merely competent at managing neighbourhoods, but also able to help steer the country through the challenges it is facing, said the Manpower Minister.

“This General Election – yes it's important to make sure that MPs can serve the community at the local level, but I think even more important is for us to put together a team to ensure we can lead and serve Singapore, at the national level, for the next 10, 15, 20, 50 years,” said Mr Lim, speaking at the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) introduction of candidates for East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC.

“The way we grew our economy over the last ten years or so, I think we all recognise that is no longer sustainable. It was the right strategy for the last decade, but it would not be the right strategy for the next decade and beyond.

“Our population is also in transition. Our workforce growth will reach a peak at some point in the near future. Our population will reach a peak sometime in the near future. Our ageing, likewise, will reach a peak in a not too distant future. I believe this will be in my lifetime, even though I'm 61 this year.

“So these are big issues that we really are confronted with: How to overcome these three peaks - the workforce peak, the population peak and the ageing peak. This is something that keeps many of us awake at night.”"

The MOST interesting bit I noted, which is NOT in the script above is the introduction of a NEW PAP candidate to contest in Fengshan SMC!

Lessons for me are:

1. Minister Lim Swee Say is right to say we will face the '3 Peaks' (I must give it to him as he is very good at 'coining' Alphabets like 3C & 3P and slogans like: Upturn-the-Downturn, Cheaper/Better/Faster, etc) and how we deal with them are critical. Hopefully diverse views on how to deal with them will PRODUCE a 'best of the lots' solutions, not just from PAP MPs but also some Opposition MPs;

2. the assertion that PAP needs to improve their communication with the voters is nothing new. That is the concern! That the PAP knows what need to done for effective communication with the voters but just COULD NOT pull it off! Why? Because their are too clever for themselves? Because they cannot 'talk' with ordinary voters? Are they BETTER now in GE2015? I hope so. The government had given out loads of goodies in 2015. Loads of goodies!;

3. back to the Fengshan SMC PAP candidate - she has more than 10 years of ground work experience in Fengshan. This is great! Is the ground sweet? She should know. Even Minister Lim said so when introducing her. It will be interesting to see how she fare.


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