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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 24 August 2015 - I couldn't care less about when is the general election - Minister Khaw

1. "National Solidarity Party CEC member Mohamed Fazli Talip quits - CNA 24 August 2015

"With a heavy heart, I have submitted my resignation from NSP with immediate effect," says Mohamed Fazli Talip."

It is DIFFICULT to be in opposition political parties. There is very little support from most people. Yet, when one has a conviction of sort, it is a good place to start. Or at least try! NSP was pulling the voters in GE2011 due to Nicole Seah, not just her pleasant look but her refreshingly raw and real emotional connection with the hot issues then and some of the vulnerable people she felt need more protection and help. THIS coming election? NSP is just another political party breaking up.

2. "I couldn't care less about when is the general election - Minister Khaw - CNA 25 August 2015

"I couldn't care less about when is the general election." National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said after the briefing on Monday that the slew of housing-related announcements was not related to the coming General Election (GE).

Mr Khaw said he had "very good reasons" to push for home ownership, as it is an important part of the governance of Singapore.

Mr Khaw told reporters that since he took over the ministry more than four years ago, "we have been making adjustments, practically every year". But as the adjustments this time round are "very substantial", he discussed with HDB and decided to delay the upcoming BTO to September so more buyers could benefit.

"Has (the announcements) got to do with GE? I could not care less when is GE," the minister said.

"But problems need to be resolved and when I am ready, I will come out with the scheme. We announce it, we discuss it with Singaporeans first and once I am confident that those are practical schemes, I will launch it as soon as we can do so."

"I'd rather delay the BTO so that the new benefits could apply to the new BTO buyers. So that's how I approach the problems," he added.

Mr Khaw also said that he hopes that the changes will encourage more people to get married and form families.
"The key point is get married, then you form a family unit, and it's HDB's job to make sure you will have your first BTO flat," said Mr Khaw. "Don't worry. So please get married, and when I deliver my promise, please deliver yours.""

Seriously, one cannot take Minister Khaw's comments seriously!

a. most pundits and amateur political watchers are predicting that the Polling Day will be on 12 September 2015 leaving 1 September to be the close of Nomination and then 9-10 days of campaigning with 11 September 2-15 being the Cooling Off Day. So, the timing of all these 'housing schemes with grants' cannot seriously be considered to be part of the ruling political party's grand plan! Perception counts more here;

b. the tweaks since Minister Khaw took over is to 'right' the 'charge new HDB flats as high as the resale HDB market price' even though the resale HDB market prices were driven by overflow of new citizens and PRs from China and India with loads of cash and who don't blink an eye when forking out big Cash-over-Valuation! Part of the reason is that they will derive MORE money from renting out the rooms in their flats though technically they are CANNOT! So, the responses were necessary and the momentum was too strong for the government, even one as strong as this one, to ignore. i.e. the people's will, if you like, were obeyed, somewhat!;

c. My wise wife pointed that if this Proximity Housing Grant (PHG)encourages the parents to go to the new estates to stay with the young family, it will be a GREAT scheme. The elderly can ACTUALLY said they have GAINED from the 'appreciated price of their old HDB flats' by cashing out! On top of this 'capital gain', the grand parents get the PHG some more!! What is brilliant deal! Making the elderly truly 'cash rich' and getting the young couples and kids to move to new HDB towns which need a little bit more time to develop into mature estates!


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