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Friday, June 28, 2013

Daily Lessons from Life 26-27 June 2013 - Say what??

A few very interesting, as a British gentleman would say, and a blunt and direct Singaporean would say, disturbing, news to reflect on: 1. "4 arrested and 2 hurt after Ang Mo Kio neighbours fight over a chair" Disturbing as the neighbours fought over a wet 'washed' chair which was urinated on by a young girl and left to dry! Maybe there were other histories behind the neighbours involved. Surely not the way to go for the 'Best neighbour award' contest! May they find peace after all calm down. 2. "A winning bid for McDonald's limited edition Singing Bone plush toy on eBay comes at a hefty price of $126,000, and that is only one of the many bids STOMPers have come across online. The seller of the $126,000 bid had asked for buyers to contact him directly on his phone, as fake eBay accounts have been created in order to outbid sincere buyers." And "Drama over Kitty as police called in to control crowd" Got to give it to the marketers in MacDonald again. The Hello Kitty Toys craze is back. More powerful than the haze that blanketed Singapore and causing millions of productivity losses and health-related treatment costs! Fighting over it. Over-bidding each other (now this one is not CONFIRMED yet as it came in the Asiaone.com Forum space). Maybe some of these 'fans' want to read about world poverty and how many sicked children die every 3 seconds to lack of food? Not sure if they will be interested to know. What can they do with their unwanted MacDonald meals that come with the prized Hello Kitty Toys? Disturbing phenomenon indeed despite being a Marketing HIT!! 3. "Singapore Flyer" is Top landmarks in Singapore and Asia: TripAdvisor The hard lesson and reality of: being popular does not make one profitable! Despite being the TOP landmark in Singapore, the company that runs 'Singapore Flyer' is going bankrupt. Maybe someone can revive it and reverse its misfortune? 4. "Indonesia says building criminal cases against 8 firms over fires" It is better than nothing though some will say things like: 'why go after the smaller individual farmers'. Slowly but surely the noose will tighter around the big boys who supposedly have solid background and in cohort with the power that be. It is just a matter of time. The payback may not be in fine or even imprisonment but the unfortunate death due to health related issues triggered by the annual haze to human bodies. The family and friends of the culprits are human beings too and they too may suffer the same fate as the millions of innocent victims of the spreading haze. A good start. Let's hope that the Indonesian government will go for more!

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