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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daily Lessons from Life 21 - 25 June 2013 - Various ...

Sorry that I missed quite a few nights of blog due to lack of access to internet at the 'godly' hours while in Europe. A quite reflection of the various topics in the last few days of news headlines 1. 40 times cheaper to burn than use machines It is definitely cheaper to burn if we consider the cost needed to start the fire. However, if we factor in the cost of the haze created by the 'slash and burn' method, it runs into the multi-million if not billion with productivity lost, related health cost for the vulnerable, and the incalculable environmental damages caused. Surely it will be cheaper for Asean or the victims countries to 'subsidise' the proper 'machines' to prepare the lands for the next harvest in Sumatra! 2. 10-year old girl critically injured in Auckland while on holidays Just got back from a 10-day holidays in Norway (Trondheim and Oslo) and UK (London) with my family. We are thankful that nothing untowards happened in this 10 days of flying and on the roads. Condolences to the injured girl and her family. I hope that she will pull through and be back with her family and loved ones soon. Some people will be quick to point an accusing finger at this or that driver or this or that things. At this point, the only thing that matter is the life of that 10-year old girl. The rest of analysis and why and how it happened can be done later. Whatever it is, learning from this accident is most useful. 3. Woman and aunties hurled insults at each other over priority seat Used the tubes in London and the subway and buses in Norway quite a bit. My 80+ years old mum was with us and she never fail to get seat, whether priority or not offered to her by local residents and foreign visitors. It is sad to read this piece of news, not uncommon, in Singapore. Is there something wrong with our values? Be it Singaporeans or residents of Singapore? I look forward to the days when everyone in Singapore will give up his or her seat to anyone who needs it or even just being older than the givers as it is the right thing to do anytime. I know we will get there as I know I ALWAYS give up my seat to the young, the pregnant, the old and the weak. The power of 1 can spread. 1 act at a time. 1 person at a time. We will GET there!! 4. Indonesian President apologized for the haze He has shown the way. He is the MAN. He has apologized for the haze created by some people who did not abide by the laws of Indonesia and caused great inconvenience and posed health threats to residents in Singapore and Malaysia - local or foreign regardless. One or some of his ministers did not do the right thing as he had done. He is the leader that shows the way. Hopefully his ministers will now learn the graceful manner of their leader. It is a fact. It is courageous to apologise. Thank you Mr President of Indonesia.

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