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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 19 January 2010

"Malaysian teen kicked, slapped and taunted - Tues Jan 19, 2009 AsiaOne

The high school student was slapped, punched and kicked in her stomach. Her attackers even forced her to go down on her knees to beg for mercy, only letting her off after she did so".

Another story of bullying at school. What is shocking, or perhaps, no longer shocking, was that the whole bullying was video-taped and uploaded online as if the attackers could not wait to parade their 'glorious victory' or 'success' in bullying a fellow student, and human being!

This also qualify the attackers to be some people with low IQ as to leave incriminating evidence against themselves.

Lessons for me are:

1. bullying must not be tolerated. Mindless bullying by mindless people must be stopped. The best way to stop a mindless bunch is to make sure that they realized their actions have consequences to themselves. When they are caught, put to trial, merciless penalty must be meted out. That will help them focus their mind on the consequence of mindless acts!!;

2. for the bullied, if they are in an absolute overwhelmingly powerful position over you, played the game with them. The key is to get out of that situation and live to tell the tale and bring the attackers to judgment by the rule of laws. The bullied has to be mindful that once they get their way, they will always pick on you. The bullies are coward mostly. Once they get a taste of the just consequence of their bullying behaviors, they will know they should never had bullied anyone!;

3. the bullies are sentenced after being caught, help must be extended to them. Especially for those who expressed remorse and truly wanted to turn over a new leaf. Bullies normally work in group as numbers bring courage. Or, more accurately, bravado! Break the group up and each of them will tell on each other and will be timid like a scared kitten!!

Be brave when you are bullied. Report on them and be confident that the bullies will be dealt with justly and firmly.

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