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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 20 January 2010

Before learning from the grisly massacre footage news headline, a little personal trivia to share: I have successfully overcome the obstacle of lowering my weight to 74kg yesterday!! This is a major breakthrough as I had struggled the whole year in 2009 to get to this unofficial target vs. the official target of 75kg! It is through a combination of 2-hr exercises at the gym and careful eating of cereal and muesli that did the trick. The challenge is to maintain that for a week and it will become a new standard and habit!

"Grisly massacre footage shown at Philippine trial - Wed, Jan 20, 2010 AFP

MANILA - A Philippine politician accused of massacring 57 people displayed no emotion Wednesday as grisly footage was shown in court of the victims' mangled and bloodied bodies being pulled from mass graves."

The trial is on. Hopefully justice will prevail as it seems the perpetrator had committed such a gruesome and brutally savage act that his powerful allies decided to join the prosecution side instead of raising the rage of the victims and fair-minded 3-party public!!

Lessons for me are:

1. no matter how powerful you are, you will have to pay for a serious crime if you commit them. It is just a matter of when fate will catch up with you and not if it will catch up with you!! So, beware!! Don't be so self-conceited that you think you will be the exception!!;

2. the fact that the accused showed no emotion when dozens of witnesses, including battle-hardened lawyer, had to excuse themselves from the court room when watching that grisly footage revealed a killer with no conscience or already numb from guilt or disdain for the dead who were murdered cold-bloodedly!;

3. with the powerful friends and allies not on the side of the prosecutors, the accused will get his fair trial and hopefully his just punishment as well. One of the witnesses said the accused should be skinned alive for committing such a terrible act speaks volume about how high the emotion are at this trial. Nevertheless, the justice system must go through its full course and the sentences be meted out accordingly to law. This is the best response to show these lawless but powerful people that there is justice in the system!!

May the dead rest in peace, the living find the reconciliation needed to move on, and the accused be accountable for his crime against humanity!

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