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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 02 January 2010

"Five arrested in police drink-driving blitz - Sat, Jan 02, 2010 The Straits Times

AN HOUR into the New Year, the driver of a Hyundai Getz leapt out of the car along Sengkang East Drive and swopped seats with a young woman, a rear seat passenger in the car."

Something never change!! The stupid actions by adults who insist on trying their luck and risking other lives! The campaign to stop 'Drink and Drive' has gone on for many months and with stern warnings being issued by the authorities, heavy penalties being meted out to offenders, and the cases reported extensively in the press, some people JUST do not learn!! Such is the foolhardiness of some human being!!

Lessons for me are:

1. with certain activities, you just cannot be soft-hearted. You must carry out the deterrent sentencing and punishment when such cases are involved. Even if it happened to an otherwise do-gooder!;

2. there will always be the 'it cannot happen to me' or 'i won't be so unlucky as to get caught by the traffic police'. So, enforcement MUST continue. It should not be a once a year campaign but a routine operation by the traffic police;

3. for those offenders, be warned and be prepared to face the severe punishment. It is not just your property and life in danger. Driving under the influence of alcohol endangers other people's properties and lives. It cannot be taken lightly. Never!!

May these arrests highlight the seriousness of how the traffic police treat this offence as well as reminding other 'would-be offenders' to NOT try their luck. Instead, do the right thing of: if you drink, don't drive!!

More merry making and more good time in 2010!!

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