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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 03 January 2010

"China's top ex-judge to face trial for taking bribes - Sun, Jan 03, 2010 The Daily Chilli

Huang Songyou, former vice president of China's Supreme People's Court, will stand trial soon on charges of accepting an approximate 4 million yuan (S$821,200) bribe, reported China Business.

Huang, 52, will be the highest-ranking judicial official to be tried for graft since 1949."

Another highly educated and successful man being caught and put on trial for something that he should have know NEVER to do! Especially when he was a highest ranking legal official in the land!!

While a friend, in fact, many friends, of mine teased me that 'I should not be upset whenever I see some highly educated and intelligent people, female or male, being charged for corruption or immoral activities' as you can always find a corrupt official'; I continued to be upset whenever such a case was revealed.

I am sure some of those caught were repentant while some lamented: why me? How come I am so unlucky?'!!

Lessons for me are:

1. if you don't want others to know, it is best that you do not engaged in illegal activities;

2. it is not why someone get caught but when he or she will get caught;

3. it is not why bothered to catch some of these when they are hundreds or even thousand others doing the same illegal thing but how taking one down will help to 'wake' the others up from mending their way or avoiding straying!!

Those who harboured illegal intent to benefit knowing that they will be caught eventually are still a minority. We must continue this crusade to ride the body of the cancer cell. If we can destroy one, we must as that is the least we can do. To allow the cancer cell to live and grow and thrive will not be a responsible action by a leader.

It is the most unenviable job on earth as others will laugh at your so-called futile effort. At the same time, if no one take the right action, all will become corrupted! This we MUST NOT HAPPENED!

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