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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 01 January 2010

This is the start of the new decade. There are much to look forward to as the earth is facing a lot of challenges that are increasingly pressing and can no longer be ignored. e.g. global warming and the devastating effect it will have on the environment, climate, and food production, etc.

For me, the 1st day of the year is to set the resolutions for the year. I actually had touched on some of them when I reviewed 2009 on 31 December 2009. In order to plan ahead, we need to look at what had happened in the past one year to find out what have we done good, what could we have done better going forward for those that we did not do a good job in. In this way, the past is helpful instead of lamenting 'what we should have done'!

My '2010 Resolutions' can be found on this blog. The main theme has not changed as some fundamental universal principle must be consistent and applicable at all time.

I will succeed in continuing the holistic healthy lifestyle of regular exercises and eating right as it is totally within my control.

For some others, it will depend on the situations, the people I work with, etc. For these, I will be honest and give of my best always. I will not claim full credit if they were successfully achieved nor will I beat myself to bits if they were not successfully achieved.

May I wish all a Healthy, Happy, Purposeful and Prosperous 2010.

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