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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 11 August 2018 - More on minister's salary?

More comments on ESM Goh's responses to his comments abt the need to avoid the populist cut-the-minister-pay recommendation to fund the elderly who need help; n that anyone who cannot make 1m outside i.e. private sector CANNOT b good calibre enough to b a minister in Sgp!!

The good calibre people who make more than 1m WILL NOT be interested to serve as minister as we pay lower pay of 500k/yr as junior minister!!

Sufficient to say many ordinary Sgp citizens r not comprehending these points since quite a lot of them r mediocre earning less than 500k/yr! This despite ESM Goh's subsequent qualifications that he does not mean most Sgp people r mediocre!!

Anyway, my last take on this argument r:

1. earning more than 1m CANNOT b equate to "good calibre people for minister post" as running a country is very different fr running a company!;

2. fundamentally, any minister who serve MUST do so because s/he is interested to serve n not abt the money though at 500k/yr, one can live quite comfortably n much better than most Sgp citizens!;

3. private sector sets its pay well so that 80% of the time most of the people who r paid more r good calibre people? again, some sales people make a lot of money selling. Does it make them "good calibre" ministers? Can't b right?

4. we simply hv to nurture n develop a culture of "public services when u were good enough to be ministers" is the MOST honourable thing ever to do!

Hopefully, they can still live well with 500k/yr as a minister!! 

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