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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 10 August 2018 - Be bold to help!!

"AWARE recommends free childcare for low-income families

SINGAPORE: Provide free childcare for families whose monthly household income is less than S$2,500, enhance financial assistance scheme ComCare, and give better protection to casual workers.
These were among the recommendations the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) has made to help women break out of poverty, after speaking to 47 low-income mothers who were actively trying to find work.
On top of ComCare assistance after employment, AWARE suggested that the Government match savings by this group dollar for dollar. ComCare provides assistance after the beneficiaries find employment on a case-by-case basis.
The advocacy group made these recommendations in a report titled “Why are you not working?” It was prompted by knowledge that women who were placed in jobs by a charity were not able to keep their jobs for long, said AWARE’s executive director Corinna Lim on Friday (Aug 10).
The charity that tried to place them was Daughters of Tomorrow, which supports low-income women by trying to find them work.
Ms Lim said that AWARE presented the findings of the report to representatives of government agencies about two weeks ago."
Is 47 cases good solid samples to draw valid conclusion? AWARE said 47 is significant for this type of qualitative research. Also it has presented to related government agencies that can help.
Looks like per capita household income of 2.5k is considered "low income"! I hv no feel for this numer though accepting it will mean we hv LOTS of low income people as 2.5k used to b considered fairly decent income!!
Let's say it is acceptable to decide if one falls into poverty, the key consideration is 2.5k per capita, that means:
1. cost of living probably is very high these days!;
2. how many such families qualify for this suggested free childcare n how much it will save if the kids go on the right tracks!!;
3. these helps must focused in helping them to help themselves eventually.
Can our fiscal budget handle these "investment"?
Hopefully so as resolving this at source means less problematic young adults later in the future!!

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