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Monday, July 2, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 01 July 2018 - MP's professional life n public duties...

"Politics, the City Harvest Church saga and regaining the public’s trust: Senior Minister of State Edwin Tong goes On the Record

SINGAPORE: “I don’t make any apologies for that. I would do it again.” 
That's what lawyer and newly appointed Senior Minister of State for Law and Health Edwin Tong says when asked about defending the founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) Kong Hee in a legal case that captured the public’s attention.
The marathon case, one of the longest-running trials in Singapore’s legal history, involved the misuse of S$50 million in church funds and lasted from May 2010 till early this year."
I agreed with Mr Edwin Tong that he should hv NO MORAL obligations to consider when defending his clients that pay GOOD fees! It is what lawyers do.
Did he n his team won BIG? U BET!! They delivered a big black eye to the prosecution n the government as tje Appeal Court Judges decided to set a NEW PRECEDENT n stick to the technicality of the written laws.
That the Appeal Judges voted 2:1 in favour of punishing higher mgt, executives n directors a LIGHTER MAX sentence defied commonsense but the laws is NOT abt commonsense. It is abt WHAT the Judges want to interpret the laws.
In this particular case, they decided to focus on technicality. 
It is a good phenomenon as it means the judiciary branch is independent from the executive n the legislative branches of the laws IF NOT FOR THE FACT most commoners wished that the Appeal Judges had ruled in favour of the government! Unlike when the judges ruled for the government in Dr Tan CB's reserved EP case!
The unhappiness of the CHC case is really that after investing in so much time, efforts n public money, the guilty just get the lighter of the penalities. A very inefficient n effective use of taxpayer's money!!
It also say: if u hv the money, u hv a chance to get off light as there may be more loopholes in our laws to be contested n exploited!
Peace to the judges n the lawyers. 

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