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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 17 June 2018 - Another Gun Killing in the USA

Maybe I had spoken too soon last night abt no gun killing in the USA! N this happened:

"At least 1 dead, 20 injured after shooting at New Jersey arts festival"!!

RIP to the dead. Condolences to the family n friends. Speedy recovery to the injured n blessed those involved in the security n emergency services personnel!!

Closer at home, the press r still writing abt the many "behind the scenes of Trump-Kim Summit" which some readers feel r overwhelming. 

Many feel that it was overhyped n overdone though the smooth running of the event is something to be proud of. Yet, to truly know how well we hv done, there is a need to benchmark against Brussels n New York where high power n high security events like UN Assembly, G7, etc. r carried out regularly. Yes?

Also highlighting the so-called personal sacrifices of armed forces personnel to attend to this event does not sit well with some as it is expected that he or she must followed orders to serve!! 

Nevertheless, one should still acknowledged the job well done. Just that there is no need to trumpet it too much!!

Will it buy some favours fr the North Korea? Most likely. As for winning new favour fr the USA, it isn't necessary. N in any case, Trump probably doesn't care since he is only a deal maker that will use anyone of value for his purposes!!

Ps: Happy commercially created Father's Day!!

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