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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 26 May 2018 - Bus stop design instead of MRT breakdown!

"Transport ministry responds to online criticism about 'unconventional' Bukit Timah bus stop

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Transport on Saturday (May 26) responded to an online criticism about an "unconventional" bus stop along Bukit Timah Road, saying that it was part of an innovative solution to overcome land constraints. 
The issue was first brought to light by Facebook user, Mei Shan, who commented on the design of the bus stop that she said "confused" her. She also attached a photo of the bus stop, which features railings in front of the bus shelter.
The original post has been shared more than 3,000 times since it was first posted on Wednesday, with comments largely criticising the design of the bus stop and how the railings force commuters to walk several metres away from it in order to board a bus. 
The transport ministry responded to the online criticism in a Facebook post on Saturday, saying that the bus stop was built that way to overcome land constraints, while minimising impact to vehicular and human traffic.
"Wonder what happens when there’s insufficient space for a typical bus stop?" the post read. "The answer? We innovate," it added."
I saw the photo of the said bus stop n hv the following comments n suggestions:
1. MoT explanation can be better if the tagline of: "we innovate when we r short of space to build bus stop n bus bay!" was not specifically in response to the reader's comments of why the railing were in front of the bus stop n why the shelter could not be extended to the bus bay;
2. it had addressed the reason for the railing without responding to the bus shelter not extended right next to the bus bay. This point should hv been taken care of.;
3. while it is good to be chilled n calm in the face of "unfair criticism" n tried to take a light hearted approach like: "We innovate when we r out of space." The PR folks could hv acknowledged the feedback n explained the reason for designing this unusual but effective design; not forgetting to mention the next step to extend the shelter to nearer the bus bay. That would hv resolved the crunches of this sitiation!!
All the best to MoT!!

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