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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 21 May 2018 - Explaining n being understood r 2 different things!

1. Dr M has sworn in 14 of his cabinet members with more to come. Initial responses were: good pick n a line-up of talented Msians regardless of race, language n religion!

Dr M also urged the civil service personnel to uphold the laws n do the right things even when ordered by the government of the day to commit unlawful act! He has given them the mission to salvage the lost respect of a once proud nation! Big motivation!

Blessed Msia n Msians.

2. PM Lee's belief that the Sgp government can explain the need to raise GST by 2% sometime in the future is laudable. Yet explaining does not mean the listeners will be convinced that tbe explanations r reasonable n stood multiple angled validation.

Just like the infamous 38 Oxley saga that took 2 days of parliamentary "debates" that cleared allegations by his siblings that he had abused the power of his government post. "Cleared" n yet doubts lingered on if he could hv left it to the functioning National Heritage Board to make the decision instead of convening a Ministerial Committee to consider the "preservation or not of 38 Oxley".

The doubts on if the recently concluded reserved Non-contested EP was to exclude last losing EP candidate, Dr Tan CB, fr contesting? And the counting of "when EP term started"?

Just be careful n not be complacent as Sgp still needs PAP to rule for another 2 GEs before the oppositions, maybe nevet, become more credible.

Blessed Sgp n Singaporeans. 

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