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Monday, May 21, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 20 May 2018 - Inequality viewed by an academic

"Universal welfare and saying 'no' to tuition: Teo You Yenn goes On the Record about inequality

SINGAPORE: It is not often that a book by an academic makes the  bestseller lists.
But for the past four months, sociologist, Teo You Yenn’s This Is What Inequality Looks Like has flown off the shelves of local bookstores, and was even brought up in Parliament by Nominated Member of Parliament Kuik Shiao-Yin in her speech about income inequality in Singapore.
In recent weeks, as Parliament convened to debate the President’s Address, the income gap took centre stage again, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and others raising the issue of inequality
Mr Lee emphasised the need for society to maintain an “informal and egalitarian tone”.
Education Minister Ong Ye Kung argued for developing more pathways and opportunities in education and training, and changing mindsets about academic qualifications.
This would, to some extent, increase social mobility.
But Dr Teo feels that changes need to be bolder. During our interview, she mentions re-examining what is rewarded and what is punished in the education system and whether standardised tests like the PSLE do more harm than good.
Her work, however, goes beyond education to examine the impact of the challenges families face and, as we talk, it becomes clearer that she feels universal welfare is something worth seriously considering even though Singapore’s policies are largely geared towards self-reliance."
Intetesting view by Dr Teo. Especially the on the changes must be BOLDER!!
My takes r:
1. basic education: just help students to learn how to read, write, speak, count and exercise!
2. specialised learning: up to the students to choose for themselves like physics, chemistry, music, arts, maths, biology, etc. etc. This can be at basic n up to advance level n beyond if they showed great understanding n application;
3. learn how to be a decent human being - the morality, ethics, grace, inclusiveness, etc. These will b the MUST in parallel with the Basic Education;
4. learn how to learn, collective creative problems solving, crtical thinking n emotional intelligence, etc.
In this case, any successful graduate with these attitudes, knowledge n skills at 18 yrs old, they can b effective n productive human resource to Sgp!!
All will be work-ready though Specific knowedge n skills for each particular company n industry will definitely come fr the companies n the industry directly to be truly matching n effective. 
Dare we try this approach? no need to wait the kids get to 21 (girl) or 23-27 (boys depending on what university degree he pursues!) before tbey can join tbe workforce!!
Challenge is can the government create jobs fast enough for tne graduating folks?

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