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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 01 May 2018 - Uniquely Sgp Trade Union

1st of May is Labour Day n it is a public holiday. In Sgp, our labour union is very very unique as it is basically a quasi-government organisation!

It has worked very well to ensure we hv no workers' strikes or industrial actions though there was that unfortunate SMRT Bus captains protest at poor living conditions n negligence by thd mgt a few years back.

Significant to note the instigators were non-Sgp n non-Msia drivers. The ring leaders were charged n then deported.

This system works well as long as the workers feel that their work has been acknowledged, their treatments are fair by any reasonable measurements, and generally there r jobs to be filled.

None of those workers union where their key role m reason of being is to confront the evil n exploitative employers in bed witg greedy government so typical of western developed world!!

This uniquely Sgp way does work!! Had worked. N will work as it expands into representing more n more employees n industries where only the employes r not roped in as union members!! i.e. even PMEs r unionised now!!

It is interesting to read the outgoing NTUC chief sharing his farewell speech outlining the directions that he maybe expects the new chief to follow:

A. the key values/functions of NTUC - the 4Ps:
1. to protect; 2. provide privileges; create placement of jobs; and 4. ensure progression.

B. the key partners of NTUC- the 3-Pin:
1. Ministry of Trade n Industries; 2. Manpower Ministry; and 3. Education Ministry.

Indeed logical n all hinges on: can our entrepreneurs n foreign investors create future jobs for Sgp citizens who r able n willing at competitive value for money manner!

Our NTUC will b even more unique in the future though one thing will not change as long as the majority of union members r gainfully employed!!

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