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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 30-31 March 2018 - Thankful for 1Q18!!

Landed in Sgp fr SFO in 31/3 7.20pm to end my ling 7-31/3 USA n Canada trip safely n with loads of gratitude to friends n their family members who opened their homes n shared their times with me!

Incredible experiences catching up with long time friends who had returned or immigrated to these 2 countries n 3 cities.

Their family members, including extended ones r so welcoming n generous.

Besides the people n the many picturesque places, I hv also enjoyed how some of the USA n Canada way of doing things!

e.g. the 4-way stop practice where whoever stopped at the 4-way junction 1st will get to go next!

e.g. the time n efforts they hv to spend in early traffics to get to work were no different fr many Asian mega cities but with one nice "innovation" - the "carpool of 2 or more" express lanes (or lanes as some places hv 2 if such lane!!)

e.g. A customer service lady who found an items that her colleague said were out-of-stock! Great initiative!!

Of course there were not so pleasant experiences encountered but too few to mention!!

If thete is something I learned fr this rather ling trip, it is: "It generally work!!"

Safe travel to anyone who r on the road now.

Goodbye 1Q18 n welcome the new quarter!

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