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Friday, March 30, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 28-29 March 2018 - Fat Kim n Select Committee for Falsehood

1. Fat Kim is young, ruthless n played international like a seasoned veteran!

He knows his nuclear arsenal development is his safest bet that the much bigger folks will try to chat with him regardless of if they like him or not!

He played hard balls like there is no tomorrow n totally out-of-control n then pulled back n behaved in an acceptable manner, just in time! It shows he truly is in control of his play.

Now that he got China's attention n most likely commitment to cover him, he has more room to play with the USA, Japan n South Korea.

Got to give it to him. Hope some forms of peace can be brought to the Korean peninsula n this part of the world!

2. The Select Committee hearing for online falsehood is a spectacle for many critics if the government to "crossed swords" with some of the cabinet ministers n establishment. Minister Shanmugan seems bend to make it his show or self-appointed to questioned everyone he disagree with! Not sure it is necessary though he surely do!

From local to foreign experts that had contributed their input, Minister Shanmugan crossed swords with many of them. Some I enjoyed n agreed with him while some not sure.

As told, I m impressed by the exchanges n hv more faith that as long as one speaks firmly n respectfully, honest exchanes can happened! As for how much is real n how much is for sure, it is better than "if u dissent we will put u in jail!" stance many have associated this government with.

On this Good Friday, may peace be with us!!

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