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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 28 April 2018 - Sgp freelanc writer's piece in NYT

"Diplomat 'cannot recognise' the Singapore painted by Kirsten Han in The New York Times  

SINGAPORE — Singapore's ambassador to the United States rebutted a New York Times opinion piece by freelance journalist Kirsten Han, saying she portrayed Singapore as an "authoritarian paradise, where critics of the government are squelched and drug traffickers are hanged".
Mr Ashok Kumar Mirpuri said that he could not recognise the country Ms Han described in her March 29 article, titled "What Trump is Learning from Singapore – and Vice Versa".
Ms Han wrote that US President Donald Trump and the Singapore Government are seemingly drawing lessons from each other on two issues.
The first was Mr Trump's reported interest in learning more about Singapore's approach to drug trafficking, which includes the death penalty. The second was a Singapore parliamentary committee set up to mull over ways to tackle deliberate online falsehoods, or "fake news", which she said hint at "new restrictions on the media"."
1stly picking on Sgp's strict death penalty for drug traffickers that destroyed lives of the addicts, sure called them losers or weaklings, n their families n even communities as inhumane is just plain lame n totally misplaced!!
I can't possibly agree with Ms Han here.
As to the conducts of certain know-it-all n mightier than "Something" minister who spent 6 hours grilling an invitee, i can totally understand the outrage n concern as the minister definitely has abused the process n missing the objectives of the Select Committee on Falsehoods online!!
Yes point out that you disagreed with his interpretation of the issue n on whetever facts presented. State your side of the "facts n interpretation" n move on!!
How decide in such sutuation what is true vs false? who should decide n how? etc. Then it would hv been more productive!!
Ms Han, continues with your challenges n unqestioning the authorities n gives Sgp people an alternative voice. Just be careful not to be able to distinguish murderous drug traffickers that know death penalty awaiting if they exceeded the limit from thuggish behaviours of a Select Committee member!
May diversity reigns n we r able to select the better n best ones!!

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