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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 27 April 2018 - Fat Kim's Masterstroke!!??

I was half intoxicated with alcohols last night after a dinner drink n a "1st in many years live music pub visit" last night n just slammed into bed!

If there is anything to write about, it has to be the epic n historic emotionally moving meeting between Kim n Moon!

What a masterstroke of inviting Moon to step into the North after crossing into the South hinself! The 1st North Korean leader to WALK across the demilitarisation line!!

If Kim, i dropped the "Fat" prefix, has this pkanned at the start of his crazy devil may care nuclear testing barrages just a few monthd ago, he had FOOLED many many exoeets n analysts around the world!!

He is simply brilliant!!

Let's hope many positive things will come out of this n not any opportunity missed to bring ling lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula!

Hopefully the US n China will not play spoilers here!!

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