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Monday, April 23, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 22 April 2018 - 2 untimely deaths n Fat Kim's brilliance?

1. A 19-yr old 1st yr undergraduate died fr an accident in Thursday n yesterday a 24-yr old died un another accident!

Young lives cut down prematurely r always very hard to accept n doubly tragic for the family n friends to accept.

RIP to the dead n confidences to tne family n friends.

May those injured recover well.

2. Fat Kim's brilliance?

Some speculated that Fat Kim has been building up to this stage of: "Give me what i need for peaceful development n security of my reign till i die n i will stop nuclear weapons development"!

Much as i want to believe that he deliberately planned n executed his "insane vision", i still hv my healthy dose of scepticism that it is indeed planned n that he intends to honour his latest commitments for peace n de-nuclarisation!!

Personally i feel that he will be crushed if he has no nuclear weapons as bargaining chip! Also, it will be giving him too much credit for hatching such a brilliant plan n executing it so well!!

Nevertheless, i will be very happy if permanent peace n prosperity can prevsil5on the Korean Peninsula!!

Let's hope it will become a reality, soon!!

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