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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 08 April 2018 - New WP leader!!

"Pritam Singh elected new WP chief: Current phase of leadership renewal completed, says Low Thia Khiang

SINGAPORE - Former Workers' Party chief Low Thia Khiang says that the party's current phase of leadership renewal has been completed, and that the next step is to put in effort to attract younger Singaporeans to join it.
"Without new blood, the party will die a natural death," he said on Sunday, following party elections that saw a smooth handover of power to new WP chief Pritam Singh.
Mr Singh will also have to contend with an ongoing lawsuit over the WP's Aljunied-Hougang Town Council's accounts.
The town council, through an independent panel, has sued the party's MPs, including Mr Low, Ms Lim and Mr Singh, for over more than $33 million in improper payments. The case is expected to be set for trial this year."
So it is DONE. No contest! A wise n sensible move by purported competitor, MP Chen, who contested in 2016. WP needs to keep it tight to make any inroads against the once again "we know best" bad behaviours of PAP as it supposedly turnaround in GE2015 fr GE2011!! Old habits die hard, indeed!!
Hopefully they can get clear off the AHTC Case n build WP into an even more credible opposition party. 
Mr Singh will need all the help he can get to move WP to the next stage. Even if his 1st choice were Ms Lim to lead it for a few more years!!

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