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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 07 April 2018 - Depression!!

"Facing depression: Working adults battle not just demons, but also stigma

SINGAPORE: Outwardly, his wife and two young sons are his sources of joy. He seems a regular family man when he's with them. What is less apparent is that Mr Mak Kean Loong struggles to feel emotions like happiness.
“In the past few years, I think I’ve never even felt that emotion,” said the bespectacled 38-year-old, who speaks with the numbed air of a tired man.
At first, they all thought he was “just becoming extra introverted”. It was, in fact, his descent into depression. And just a year ago, he came close to leaving them without a husband and father.
"I didn’t tell my wife," he said. "If you want to end your life, why would you tell someone close to you, right?"
This is one of the reasons people with psychological issues should not be stigmatised, noted Dr Sim. “If people get help, they can function as per normal,” she said.
"If they get help, there’d be fewer tragedies.""
It is a frightening condition n something very hard to understand n comprehend. 
It requires a lot of patience n withholding judgement on behaviours one simply assumed to be weird or irrational!
May all recover as much as they could battling this dreadful condition. 

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